Alright,the Contest was about 3 parts.

The Duel Mode -

Semi Finals

Boneweaver vs Azai (Boneweaver won)

Happy vs Jackyespio (Happy won)


Boneweaver vs Happy (Boneweaver)

I got to say those races were tough and tight.

Next it was time for

All in 1 Race(Fluffy won)

He won pretty easily or so it seemed.Distance between him and second place

was about 5 seconds.

Then came the

Time Race


Honorknight - 33 seconds

Fluffy - 34 seconds

Jackyespio - 36 seconds

Aiki - 40 seconds

Honorknight won

Then it was the

Winner's Race

Honorknight vs Fluffy vs Boneweaver, winners of each event

And results were

1st place - Fluffy

2nd place - Boneweaver

3rd Place - Honorknight(fell down to the pit)

It was pretty succesful event and gg everyone!