In-game name: Apophis


Real Name: Ado

Forum Profile: Apophis

Date of Birth: 25.12.1987

Gender: Male

Xfire: fireyugo



Location: Netherlands

Side: Sith

Skin: Personal



  • Emperor, Apophis is »|EFF|« founder and Leader.


Birth of »|EFF|«

his voice.
Apophis has the power to influence people.

A small part of the jedi/sith that trained at col with him, joined him
and a new clan was forged called as:
Elite Fighters of the Force


Legend of the Allmighty Emperor Apophis

Apophis was one of the first members in the COL (Councill of Light) clan (FA now). He was a very mysterious member, there is little known about this man.

Apophis trained always alone.

He became very powerful in both force and saber. When they saw him dueling and conquering territories they where amazed and they knew,

that such kind were only born once in 1000 years - only that didnt trouble the Council.

They knew Apophis was very important for their clan, but they were unaware of his Dark Secret...

made his career as a jedi in CoL. He was so powerful that he even entered the council.

He learned all the hidden codes and mysteries of the CoL clan.

But then he had enough of the other 2 high councillors that were equal by rank but not in any other way.

He had to complete his mission by spying and learning to become the perfect Emperor

of his new self-standing clan in the near future, what he saw in his visions

and he knew that there can only be one leader,

so Apophis turned against the council and showed his true power - the power of the Dark Side.

The remaining 2 high councillors were both slaughtered by this mysterious Dark Lord...

Community Comments

Apophis is Founder and Leader of EFF he's the only one that has absolute power over the clan. He brought up all clan from nothing. In 2 years along with Fluffy he managed to create one of the bigest and strongest clans in JA. His knowleadge and calm attitude towards newcomers saved us many times. He never gives his trust easy. Many times lots of warm-headed revolutionists wanted to destroy EFF or take the lead and damage the clan and many times members trusted them. And again always it was turning out that it was Apo who was right. He was the one who keept clan stable and respected. Another recruits were joining EFF, another betrayals were leaving saying that we will die soon. But we are still alive and are not predicting to die. In big part thats just the Apophis's claim to fame ;)