In-Game Name: Blaze


Real Name: Victor

Forum Profile: Blaze94

Born at: 05/1994


Xfire: Blazingblast



Location: Hungary

Skin: Chewbacca, Alternate custom skin

Side: Jedi




Chewbacca icon Victoria


Jedi Padawan*,on 22/06/2009 he was accepted by Apophis

Jedi Knight*, on 26/07/2009 he was promoted by Apophis

Jedi Guardian*, on 17/08/2009 he was promoted by Arkaine

Jedi Lord*, on 26/08/2019 he was promoted by BBB

Jedi Ace*,on unknown time he was promoted by BBB

Predator Division, on 04/11/2009 he was given this rank by Apophis

Council, on 08/02/2010 he was given this rank by Apophis

Jedi Ace, on 27/01/2012 he was demoted by Apophis

Jedi Lord, on 01/03/2012 he was promoted by Sreigor

Jedi Master, on 16/08/2012 he was promoted by ShadzY

Jedi Grand Master, on 19/08/2012 Jedi Order has chosen him to be the 3rd Jedi Leader


Applied at 2009-06-17 Wednesday and got accepted 5 days later.
As he played trough single player, he went to multiplayer thinking that its dead and he could barely find players on it.
Then to his suprise, it was swarming with players and activity.
After finding the EFF server and came back to it day by day for one month,
he registered on the main site and applicated to the clan.
After 5 days he got accepted by emperor Apophis and he weared his tags for the first time: »|EFF|«Blaze|JP|


Blaze is a an always cheerful warrior and forgiving person, he dedicated his life to the side of the Jedi, always walking the path of the light side, showing charity wherever where he can. He respects friends just as foes, never treats anyone like lower class than he is.
Usually with the look of a hairy wookie he walks, wearing 2 sabers on his waist.
One is the Blazing fountain (yellow), other is the Burning moon (orange) as he calls it.
Always having balance between joking and being serious, he has a lot of friends being loyal to all of them


Blaze's tags and fav quote

Community Comments

Blazor all the way.

Great brother, all time companion, never gives up or gets angry haha. Always focused on setting the right example, wich no one can miss. He is the one wich maitains a well controlled mood among everyone in the clan. He's the balance and the mentor in respect.

Love ya my wookie bro.!!


Peace. If all argue, Blaze is ussually standing on side trying to cool both sides down.
Active Councill who has made lots of cool arts for our clan. Helpful to members and ready to discuss.


He is one great guy that shows respect to everybody and receives 10 times more in return. Not only that he is a funny and kind person, but if you would want to tell something to him that botheres your thoughts especially about the clan, he's the guy you had been seeking for a lifetime :)

If he would have been living in my country, I'd probably make him the best man at my wedding. (that's in the far future)

Respect man,

~ Maximus

Best bro on the world,person who will help u whenever u need something.He is always here for all of us,especially his sister :P I love u man :)

PS. we like it from behiiiiiiiiiind <3 :)

~ Andri