Being a Caretaker is a job.

Caretakers are members whose duty is to help newcomers in the clan. They introduce them to the clan, its rules and ranking system. They also teach basics of JKA saber moves, commands and tricks such as long jumping or walking with emotes. Finally, they check newcomers maturity.

To do so they are the only members despite the Council and Predator Division members who are allowed to use alias while playing on the server. However, still they have to report being under alias by using /amsay when any admin logs in, so they won't disturb the admins' work.

To provide the Council with information about newcomers, Caretakers use a system of coded reports which they post in applications of Recruits.

(Sample code: 368976N-841E)

Caretakers do not have a special rank. Although they have the “© “ char after the rank name to show their job. Trialist Caretakers use the "@" char instead, which is sometiemes translated as "@dept" or "Tri@list".

There can be no more than 6 Caretakers.

Current Caretakers are:


Head Caretaker is


The Head Caretaker is the only member despiting the Council who is allowed to accept Recruits to the clan.

(See Privileges)

The Leader of the Recruiting Department is

Alverd council


Caretakers are mavens of JA word. See what they can help you with! :

  • Basic saber training
  • Commands training
  • Lowering your ping and FPS
  • Tricks( Flying, saber dancing, farting... Even old pros don't know some! )
  • Strafe jumping ( jump even 30% further! )
  • Information about »|EFF|« clan structures

If you are knowledge-hungry you can read more about each of this on Wiki as well!