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Most of the links are now replaced with 100% stable download link.(24/12/2012)

JA+ Client Side

Kill Trackers


Most important skinpack:

Other popular skins:


Image Filename In cycle? Download Link Size
Jedi's Home JLII Jedi shomejl ii Jedi'sHomeJL_II Yes 15Mb
The Academy V3 The academy v3 the_academy_v3 Yes 24Mb
EFF Arena Effarena effarena No 9Mb
EFF Training Temple Beta 2.8
Tteff beta2,8
tteff_beta2,8 No 10Mb
Jedi Council GCX Jedicouncilgc jedicouncilgcx Yes 32Mb
Sith Council V2 Sithcouncilv2 sithcouncilv2 Yes 29Mb
Taspir Power Complex V3 Tpcv3 ffa



No 51Mb
Terminatvie 3 Home 2
T3 home2
t3home2 Yes 21MB

Winter Maps

Image Filename In cycle Download Link Size
Blueice Nightfall v1.1
Blueice nightfall
blueice_nightfall no 60Mb
Blueice Nightfall Xmas Addon
Nightfall xmas

You also need Bueice Nighfall v1.1 to play on this map!

nightfall_xmas no 50Mb
Blueice Twilight
Blueice twilight
blueice_twilight no 24Mb
Christmas in Whoville
Christmas final
christmas_final no 20Mb
North Pole
North pole
north_pole no 21Mb
Winter's Gift
Wintersgift bf jr
wintersgift_bf_jr no 22Mb

(Last updated: 24/12/2012)


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