In-Game Name:Vidanjör

Real Name:Can

Forum Name:Jacky3spio









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Influenced, on 15/03/2010 he was accepted by BBB

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After approximately 3-4 months after starting the game, I started to hang out in EFF clan server. In those days I was completely lamer.
And one day I saw Apophis as a giant (lol). And i lamed him xD. Then he banned me :P. (This is real i swear :D). I've played in other servers until 2-3 months.
At the end of this 2-3 month i able to enter the server again :D. And started hanging out again. And one day Firtina came to me. And he said: Why don't you join us?


I met with Jedi Academy in the first months of 2009 at an internet cafe. At that time I was not a fanatical Star Wars fan. But I think this game was different from other mp games.
But the game was not at my computer. So I forgot this game. I forgot this game's name even. In May of 2009, My friend DarthWader (or his old nickname BEN WADE) said to me about a game. A game of Star Wars...
When we start the game, we were completely a lamer. We made numerous dual kata... Numerous single kata... Numerous staff kata... Numerous sleeps... Numerous mutes...
Numerous Enjoy the Floor! ^^s... Numerous /kills for change the lightsaber... These days I was like the Cavemans in the Dark Ages xD... (for more information read my Joining text :P)
For 2010, I would say the turning point in this game. Ok, I learned some things before 2010, But they were too much simple... (example: What is laming? lol)
In the meantime, I met DarthPiç (or just Piç) at school. I learned he is a very fanatical Star Wars fan. And told him about this game. DarthWader had left the game. I forced him to play the game again :D.
And there was one place where the three of us came...