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Siege gametype is probably the most complicated and hard for newcomers to understand. This guide should let

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you more or less know what it is all about.


Siege is a "conquer the base" gametype. Players divide into 2 teams: defenders and attackers. Each team has its objectives.

  • Attackers main objective is to break through defence lines of oponents base. They have cretain amount of time to compleate each objective (so break through each defence line). If they don't manage to do this in time they lose the match.
  • Defenders main objective is NOT TO let the attackers compleate their objectives. If defenders manage to stop attackers for a certain amount of time (so mosly: to hold the defence line for long enough) they win. If they don't manage to stop attackers they lose.
  • Each team has some secondary objectives which may help them in compleating this primary ones. For example defenders can sometimes activate additional defending cannons and attackers can sometimes open additional way to oponents base.
  • If the attacking team manages to slice through defence line (so compleate main objective) both teams are pushed backwards, deeper into the base (their spawnpoints are moved to the next defence line).

You can see terrain map with objectives of each team marked on it in "escape->Join" menu.

Player Classes

Unlike all other gametypes in Siege all players have 6 pre-defined character classes to chose from. Attackers clases (although having same names) differ from defenders ones so that all game is rather balanced.

This classes are:

  1. Assault
  2. Heavy Weapons
  3. Technican
  4. Scout
  5. Demonlish
  6. Jedi

You can see wide description of each class whle you are chosing it (in "escape->Join" menu).

Voice Chat

What differs the Siges from other gameypes is also the ability to use so called "voice chat". What it is? To save time on writing you may press the voice chat button (esc->controls->others->voice chat)and than type the quick-shout code to chose from the set of sentences your player character will shout. These are "Attack the primary objective!" , "They have heavy defences here!", "We need a tech over here!" , "Sniper!" and so on.

See: Voice Chat

How to play? guide

For the wider description of each Siege map objectives see (building tutorials in progress):