Sreigor wiki

In-Game Name: Sreigor

Real Name: Tom Rogiers

Forum Name: Sreigor

Date of Birth: 01/12/1994

Gender: Male


Xfire: sreigor


Location: Belgium

Side: Jedi


  • Predator rank
  • Councillor of EFF
  • Elder title: Retired Councillor


Hitman default


Jedi Padawan , exact rankup time is unknown

Jedi Knight ,rankings weren't tracked then

Predator,rankings weren't tracked then

Council,rankings weren't trakced then

Advisor, on 12/10/2010 Sreigor decided to step down from Council rank

Jedi Knight, on 18/03/2011 he was given this rank by Fluffy

Councillor, on 24/05/2011 he was given this rank by Fluffy

Jedi Knight, on 10/08/2012 he step down from his position


Sreigor was chosen to sit in Council by Fluffy 's decision at the end of 1st year of EFF existance. He always took active part in all discsussions within the clan and the Council. His conservative views and attitude, which he himself considers sometimes stubborn made him step down the |C| rank in the time of great changes at the end of 2010.

Half a year later he returned to take a lead over the Promoting Departament . Untill than he was still actively helping the council as an Advisor .

"I try to have my say in everything that is being discussed, for me expressing your opinion is the most important thing of being Councillor. I am a funny admin, trying to bring some life to the server, but I might be a hardass when I try to bring some order."

By his first decisions as the Promotions Dep. Leader he renovated the promoting system taking privileges from Master ranked members and giving them to Promoters , which job he has just created. Currently his interest focuses mainly on the work with Order Leaders and Promoters, who he keeps eye on.


Sreigor says - I did nothing before EFF, my first day on multiplayer i came on EFF server and joined EFF


I was just playing on EFF server, I dueled fluffy and he asked me if i wanted to join EFF, and well, I joined and I'm still here.