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WE Series has been running for couple of months now. Some times we had alot participants sometimes we barely had any.

There are 2 types of events ~ Fun & Skill events.

New events will be added. WE Series usually take place on Friday or on Saturday.

WE Events:

4th June 2010 - Power Duel/CTF

11th June 2010 - The Bunny Hop Contest

24th July 2010 - Siege

8th August 2010 - Rancor Assassin

13th August 2010 - Last Man/Woman Standing

Skill Events ---------- Fun Events

X-Arena Duel Tournament Capture The Flag
Jedi Vs Sith Siege
Team Free For All Dance-Off Contest
Free For All The Bunny Hop Contest
Last Man/Woman Standing
Jedi and Sith Tournament
Rancor Assassin